Dear Opposing Team Sports Mom

sports mom graphicDear Opposing Team Sports Mom,

I saw your whispers. I caught your annoyed glares. And I heard your snide comments. First of all, let me say, I’m sorry you don’t like my enthusiasm or my volume. But go ahead and keep the glares coming because they really only fuel my fire. Maybe next season you’ll be sharing a sideline with me and you’ll feel differently, but if not, that’s ok too. And here’s why…
Does your player ever come off the court/field and ask you, “did you see that….?” Yeah? Probably! Mine very very rarely does. You see, he doesn’t have to! He knows. He knows I’m there. He knows I’m not on my phone or otherwise distracted. He KNOWS I saw that shot/catch/block/etc, because he heard me cheering, LOUDLY! Maybe things would be different if my cheering was met with typical tween embarrassment. But he loves it. It’s the one place he seems to not be completely displeased for people to know that he does in fact have parents and wasn’t hatched from some alien pod. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but this is OUR thing. I spend countless hours working on extra projects and jobs to afford to pay for sports and many more hours getting him to and from practices and games. He spends hours working hard and giving 110% every chance he gets. So continue to judge if you must, you really won’t steal my thunder, but please do take notice that I have a great appreciation for all the kids who play youth sports. I acknowledge good play regardless of which team it comes from. I value good sportsmanship and effort over a final score any day. And I am teaching my son to do the same. So while you shuffle off, annoyed after a game, you might not notice that I take the time to tell the kids who played hard from BOTH sides, ‘good day.’ I am also the mom who will show up early or stay late to watch the games of kids we know from sharing teams in previous years. It’s all about a love of the game. So if this hour a week is painful for you, again, I’m sorry. But we love it, and we’ll KEEP loving it, loudly and proudly, feel free to pull up a chair and enjoy it with us!

Proud Sports Mom

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