Fall Ideas for Family Fun

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As the leaves began to turn red and gold and a chill is in the morning air, you may wonder what you are going to do to keep your children occupied. The water is too cold to swim at the beach, and town festivals and county fairs are drawing to a close. Luckily, there are many activities you can do with your children in the fall.

One activity that is enjoyable for children and adults in the fall is going to an apple orchard. Wander through the orchard, choosing the perfect apples from the tree with your children. They will enjoy the time spent with you, and you will appreciate the time spent in the crisp outdoors. as an added bonus, some apple orchards offer additional activities such as petting zoos and hayrides. If you live near a large city, you may want to consider taking your family to a concert. Getting anything from Justin Beiber to Duran Duran tickets is an economical way to expose your family to well known musical performers and have a great time together. 

Another traditional fall thing to do with the family is attending a high school or college football game. Children love doing activities on the weekends that are not their usual routine, and a football game is a great choice. Pack up some stadium blankets and a cooler of snacks for tailgating, and have a great time cheering on your hometown team. If the football field is near a park, stop by after or before the game and let your little ones play on the monkey bars or the swings.

If you are looking for a fall activity to do with your family that is free, consider taking your family for a nature walk. Choose a location that you have never been to before and make a day trip out of the nature walk. One way to gain the attention of young children on walks is to create a scavenger hunt for items. While at home, make a list of things you may find, such as acorns, a red leaf, or moss. Your children will have a blast hunting for things to check off on their list. Another way to make a nature walk fun for children is to collect pine cones while on the walk. Use the pinecones to create crafts when you are at home.

October is Fire Safety Month, and many local fire departments host free activities for children during this month. Look in your local paper to find what your fire department has planned, and take your children to those events. Some fire departments give away free pumpkins for Halloween, offer tours of fire trucks, and provide fire safety educational materials. This is a unique way to spend a Saturday afternoon with children.

Although summer may have ended, there are still many outdoor activities that you can do with your children. Take advantage of the fall weather and harvest activities by introducing them to activities that are specific to autumn. Your children will have fun and will be anxiously awaiting next fall so they can participate in more fun fall activities.

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