Family Fun at Bristol Renaissance Faire

 Despite living in this area my entire life, I have never been to the Bristol Renaissance Faire (or at least not since I’ve been an age I can remember I think my parents took me when I was TINY).
Honestly, until I had the boys, it wasn’t something I ever really had the interest to do.  But each summer, the last few years I kept telling myself we’d get out to see what it was all about.  It is literally minutes away from our house so there really should have been no excuse.
When we arrived, I really didn’t know what to expect.  But we found the people to be amazing.  When we stopped to get the boys swords the shopkeeper happily went over the schedule with us pointing out the things not to be missed and those that were best for kids.  The top of the ‘must see’ list was Moonie.  And as luck would have it the next show was just a minutes from starting.  So we headed straight there and I am so glad we did.  Most of the show went a bit over the boys head but it was the highlight of the day for my husband and I.  I have since recommended it to friends who were visiting for the first time also and got enthusiastic response back from them too.
 Once we got the boys their swords (or actually they bought their own swords) they seemed more drawn in.  We headed to the joust arena and watched our first (of two) jousts of the day.  It was a huge hit with the boys and honestly a lot of fun for all of us.
After the first joust we wondered around and found something to eat while we listened to music.  
And then headed back to the arena for a battle ‘to the death.’ I should probably be more concerned by how excited the boys were at this prospect but I’m chalking it up to their firm grasp of reality vs make believe!
 And then we wandered some more.  There is so much to see that despite being there for 7 hours, we only saw a fraction of everything there.  But we couldn’t pass up the giant pickles, yum!
 Everything is just so pretty there. For me it was fun just to walk around and take it all in.
And take it in we did.  The sites, the sounds, oh and the food.  I really liked sampling all the food there but costs could easily add up for a family.  We saw many people with their coolers in their cars.  The parking lot isn’t too big or far away so it would be easy to go back to the car for lunch to help cut down on the extra expense.  In addition to food, the rides and other attractions are not included in the ticket price.  While there is plenty to do that IS included, you will want to consider your budget before you visit. 
 Beef jerky was super delicious!
 I was tired but still sad to say goodbye to our time at the Ren Faire.

 I can promise you we won’t wait nearly as long before we go back!

Until next time….

Don’t miss YOUR chance to visit the Bristol Renaissance Faire this summer.  There’s still time to try one of the 45,000 turkey legs or 450,000 gallons of ale, wine, tea or fresh-squeeze lemonade that will be served this season while enjoying any of the 90 different stage shows.  The Ren Faire is open every Saturday and Sunday (plus Labor Day) from 10 a.m. – 7p.m. through September 5.

Admission is $19.95 for adult and $9.50 for kids (5-12yrs old) at the gate but discounts are regularly available online.   Get your tickets today, don’t let another season slip by without visiting this great local attraction!

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary tickets to visit the Bristol Renaissance Faire but all opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback. I have no been compensated for a positive review.


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