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For several seasons now I’ve been a football mom. I believed that the hard work and dedication required for the sport were building character in my first born. However, yesterday I watched the movie Undefeated and was struck by the above quote. Instantly the images of last weekends game flooded my brain. Most of those images look like this…IMG_8317

IMG_8717My son play after play giving 110% effort.  Seriously playing with so much heart, I can’t help but get caught up in it.

But the heat and humidity were also beating up on him.  I was super impressed when he actually pulled himself out for a short series when he felt it getting to him and tried to get re-hydrated.


Other than this quick, self inflicted, break he played in every play on offense, defense and special teams, with the same intensity (or maybe more) in the fourth quarter as the first.  He was a defensive rock star.  He quite literally left it all out on that field.  When the final whistle blew he was left physically tanked.

IMG_8759We learned some lessons last week and will be working harder to make sure that he doesn’t experience the level of dehydration he did at the end of that game again.  But as I reflect on this quote it makes me realize how amazing my young man’s character is.  He plays because he loves the game.  But he gives his everything because of his love of his team.  I have always loved watching him play sports because you can see his passion but I am amazed at how his strength has grown.  He is developing his voice and his own sense of leadership.  I love watching him getting his teammates psyched up almost as much as watching him make a good play!

If football reveals character, I’m pretty proud of the character of my young player.


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