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I have been compensated to share with you about Language Stars foreign language classes and open houses.

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I took four years of Spanish in high school. FOUR YEARS! I could read Spanish literature and write a term paper without much trouble. But I never became a fluent speaker.  I never practiced the language and so now, almost 20 years later, I can ask where the bathroom is and order a beer. That’s it.  And did I mention, I don’t even like beer.

I would love for my kids to learn a second (or more) language. I began trying to open their multilanguage door early on by teaching them sign language and some beginner Spanish.  But thanks to having extremely smart kids, I reached the end of my knowledge base far too quickly.  Now I’ve heard of some fabulous suburban schools with multilanguage classrooms starting as early as kindgarten which will develop truly miltilingual students even if they don’t come from multilingual familes.  But there’s no such program around us.  I believe the first opportunity a student in our district MAY have the chance to experience a second language is in 7th grade.  But there is plenty of research to show that the early a language is introduced the better.  But even knowing this, I was surprised when I began reading about Language Start foreign language classes/programs which are offered for kids as young as ONE!  How cool is that?  Programs are offered in 5 different languages for ages 1-10 at a 15 Chicago locations on at a variety of times/days.


If you’re interested in learning more, now is the time as Language Stars is currently hosting Open Houses through August 17th!  Stop in and check out Language Stars foreign language classes today!
language stars youth kids children classes open house chicago

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