Ghost Buddy books from Henry Winkler

As the mom of two advanced readers, its not always easy to find good books that my boys enjoy that are both content and reading level appropriate.  While my boys (entering third and fourth grade) both read at above an 8th grade level, I don’t expect them to be reading at that level all the time, but reading books designed for first graders on a regular basis doesn’t make sense to me either. So I try to keep lots of new things that they will read willingly available.  On any given week they might read anything from Junie B Jones (much under their level) to Harry Potter (more appropriate reading level wise).  But typically as long as they are READING, I’m happy.  Sometimes they are reading mindless junk…and I bite my tongue, cuz they’re still reading!  But I’m always super excited to find something that they really enjoy reading that has some value to it as well.  The Ghost Buddy books seem to fit that very well.  And its a total added bonus that they are coauthored by Henry Winkler!! (hehe) 

I think these books would be great for both boys and girls because they deal with struggles of all kids.  But my boys definitely identify with Billy Brocolli which keeps them engaged in a story that is actually full of good moral lessons.  It’s just too fun for them to even notice!  My four year old has been following along too as we read the books and I don’t think the content is inappropriate for him at all.  Learning about the friendly ‘ghost buddy’ Hoover, might even help younger kids deal with fears of things in the closet etc.

Check out Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero or the brand new Ghost Buddy: Mind if I Read Your Mind today for a fun new read.

A hilarious new series from Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver, authors of the bestselling HANK ZIPZER books!

Billy Broccoli is new to the neighborhood, and wants cool friends and a spot on the baseball team more than anything. But the one thing he never wanted is his own personal ghost. So imagine his surprise when he ends up sharing a room with Hoover Porterhouse, a funny ghost with a whole lot of attitude.

When an obnoxious school bully sets out to demolish Billy, the Hoove comes up with a plan for revenge. It’s all in the Hoove’s Rule Number Forty-Two: Stay cool. And like it or not, Billy and the Hoove have to stick together if Billy ever wants to get in style, get even, and conquer the school.

Billy and Hoover are back in the hilarious new series from bestselling authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver!

It’s time for Moorepark Middle School’s annual Speak Out Challenge, and Billy Broccoli thinks he’s got it made. With his best friend Hoover Porterhouse-the ghost with the most-by his side, Billy’s got the competition in the bag. Who wouldn’t vote for a demonstration on mind reading?

But when Billy lands a spot on the seventh grade team, he starts spending more time with his new teammates than he does with Hoover. And the Hoove plays second fiddle to no one! If Billy’s not careful, his secret weapon might just vanish into thin air, leaving Billy to pick up the pieces of a demonstration day disaster!

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary copies of these books for review purposes.

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