Kenosha Kingfish, Ozzie Guillén and Family History


This past weekend we finally got the chance to get up to see a Kenosha Kingfish baseball game.  Because of our love of the sport, we’ve been known to take in a game of just about every level at a wide variety of locations and stadiums.  But there is some definite personal family history at the newly renovated/updated Simmons Field in Kenosha, WI.  You see, my father played baseball at Simmons Field for the Kenosha Pirates, a semi-pro team sharing the fields with legendary players like Satchel Paige.  Simmons Field started as a family tradition with my dad’s Grandpa taking him to games when he was young and comes full circle with him taking his grandson’s there….

And what a great time we had making a ton of fabulous memories.  The Kenosha Kingfish have done an amazing job with not only the stadium but the entire experience.



This particular night the Kingfish honored the Kenosha Comets.  If you’ve watched a League of Their Own you’ll recognize some of these uniforms (and if you haven’t, you should, right now!!!)…



AND Ozzie Guillén was at the field signing autographs.  This made my lil sports collector super happy. (Yes we’re Cubs fans FIRST and FOREMOST but have love for all of our Chicago teams).


Timmy just happened to be wearing Bryan’s Sox hat from T-Ball because he was tired of wearing it after a double header, and Ozzie insisted on signing it for him in addition to the photo!


It was a great, beautiful day for a ball game with my boys.  And the fact that the Kingfish won was just icing on the cake.



And the fireworks…were the cherry on top!



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