Letter to the editors of Marie Claire

In case you missed my tweet yesterday.  Marie Claire published a piece online yesterday that was full of hatred and uneducated bias.  I refuse to link to the post as I am sure the executives of Marie Claire are just eating up the pageviews on this one.  But thanks to an AWESOME blogger buddy‘s post, I was able to get the email addresses without going to their site again.  And following her lead, I decided I would post my email.  You can view her email here.  She was much more level headed and professional than I was.

Ms. Coles and Ms. Schweitzer

Yesterday I read an article on your website that sickened me.  As a blogger myself I am an advocate for free speech and realize the varied content of opinion pieces on the web.  However, I do believe that a magazine such as Marie Claire has some moral obligation to hold itself to a higher standard than a self published blogger.  As a publisher of content directed at the young women in our country I think it is unforgivable that this article was allowed to be published.  I think that Ms Kelly’s apology is weak at best.  She in no way undoes any of the sicken things she did with the words of original piece.  But she is simply one uneducated bully.  You are a media outlet who has given her a voice.  A voice directed right at the most vulnerable audience out there.  I find it even more sad in light of all the recent discussion of bullying in the media recently.  While some responsible media outlets are doing great works to try to increase awareness and decrease just this type of vial spreading of hatred, your staff is giving it a green light.
I would except a public statement from the editors of Marie Claire. And personally I would suggest some sort of action to balance out this wrong.  Without some action on the magazines behalf I will personally rally all the ‘fatties’ I can to boycott your magazine and any related entities.  Lest, you think I am just another voice less complainer, please feel free to check out the reach of my influence but viewing my followers!

Lisa Noel

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  1. Isolated Existence. says

    Very well said! I am glad that many people like yourself are speaking out against this. Thank you so much.

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