Make More Cents Review and Giveaway

Are you so insanely wealthy that your kids will never have to worry about money?  If you were I seriously doubt you’d be reading this…you should be sailing some crystal blue sea!
So since you’re here I’ll presume that, like our family, you want to teach your children the value of money.  And at MakeMoreCents you’ll find many items to help everyone in the family learn about saving money.  They have many items including books and software.  But my favorite, especially for my kids ages are the banks.  We recieved the Zillionz Digital Counting Money Jar.  It’s perfect for kids, or adults, to save their change in.  I know that at different ages my kids went through stages where it was sort of a struggle to get them to let go of a coin and actually put it IN a bank.  They want to play with it, look at it and keep it in their pocket.  Ad of course one more than one occasion this meant it ended up lost.  This “bank” helps with that because it makes it fun to put the money in.  I think this bank would be especially nice if you have a specific savings goal.  For instance if you’re kids are saving up for a specific toy and you figure out how much they’ll need (don’t forget to factor in tax) and they can always see how close they are.  If you have a child, who like Timmy is learning about currency in school you could use this to help practice that skill too.

Now for the down side of this jar…no sneaking money from the jar.  Well maybe it’s not a down side if you’re keeping the kids from sneaking but I have to confess that there have been times when we’ve had to borrow a couple dollars from the kids.  If you do that with jar and don’t put it back…you will eventually be found out 🙂

Want a Zillionz Digital Counting Money Jar of your very own?? Thanks to MakeMoreCents
you have a chance to win one!
To enter to win, you must first:

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Contest will run until midnight central time on Tuesday May 26th.


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  4. Gorgeous Annie is indeed just that! She is adorable and she would help me change up my change. Thank you!

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  6. Following you 🙂 Mostly on FB and such… but am getting into this blog thing!!

  7. I like the counting bank! My son would love this!! Lets trade links as well if you would like!

  8. I sure could use their My Smart Budget product.

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  11. I love the EZ Money Jar Coin Counter! Thanks for the great giveaway.

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  14. How cool! I think we could get the most use out of Zillionz Digital Counting Money Jar..what a great idea!!

  15. I think the Zillionz Digital Counting Money Jar would be fun for my girls to watch how saving money adds up. They have “pretty piggy” type ones from nana & pop-pop but the digital is more practical.

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  18. my little guy is definitely in the phase where he doesn’t want to let go of “my monies” LOL I think he would enjoy the EZ-Count Money Jar Digital Coin Counter – we borrowed something similar from my MIL/FIL & he absolutely LOVED watching it sort the $$.

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  20. I like the jingle kitty piggy, or “kitty” bank!! Adorable!! I love the counting jar, it would be perfect for my middle boy who just turned 8!!

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