March Scentbird: Versace Versense

This month I got my third Scentbird subscription shipment. It was Versace’s Versense. I’m not totally sure on this one. Might give it a couple days and get some other opinions on it.  But I’m loving trying these difference designer fragrances so much I upgraded my subscription to get more scents each month.


Here’s Scentbird’s description:

Versace’s Versense features tart citrus spiked with an earthy fig accord. Green mandarin and bergamot zest sharpen the senses for a floral heart of jasmine and lily, warmed by drily-spiced cardamom and cedar. The dry down adds aromatic olive wood to musk and sandalwood to round out this earthy, spiced floral.

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If you’re not familiar with Scentbird here’s how it works:

PICK A SCENT from our extensive assortment of designer perfumes.
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ENJOY Receive a monthly purse spray with a 30 day supply of the perfume of your choice.

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