Meet the Mercedes of Child Car Seats

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With 7 out of 10 car seats being installed
incorrectly, finding not only a car seat with excellent safety ratings, but one that also offers ease of installation, should be at the forefront to any parent’s top concerns. There are many choices on the market, but when researching consumer reviews, the Summer Infant Prodigy car seat seems to offer it all. And if you are shopping for a car seat, why not have some fun and enter the 21st Century Insurance baby on board contest in which you could win a cash prize of ten thousand dollars!  Let your research and shopping efforts inspire your creative side to re-make the classic yellow diamond sign, while playing your part in promoting child automotive safety!

Take a seat

It doesn’t sound like rocket science, but installing a car seat correctly can be a challenging and difficult process for many people. In an article published by Consumer Reports, alarming results from a study pushed the need for car seat manufacturers to make their products as “idiot proof” as possible. The author writes that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently evaluated car seat installations by participants with varying degrees of experience and described what they found in their final report titled ‘Drivers’ Mistakes When Installing Child Seats’. Despite the fact that participants thought they installed the car seat correctly, newcomers asked to install a car seat did so incorrectly between 95 and 100 percent of the time. Many people reported that the manuals weren’t clear and they were overly complicated. Despite having a manual, participants failed to correctly use the LATCH connector system and failed to set the seatbelts in the correct positions. The article continues to report that of the parents and caregivers who already owned child seats, the mistakes were less frequent. However, 47-65 percent of the time numerous errors were still made by experienced participants. All in all, this testifies to two main things: (1) parents need to go online and find safety classes that teach one how to correctly install car seats and (2) manufacturers need to step up their game and make the product easier to install. One shouldn’t have to have an engineering degree from Stanford in order to figure out the correct process of car seat installation.

So far the best seems to be…

In doing some research, it seems that Summer took the complexity out of the design and put a great product on the market. Their Prodigy infant car seat is guided by smart screen technology and a revolutionary belt fitting system that tells the parent whether or not the seat is installed properly when a smile appears on the product. You can’t get any easier than that. This product eliminates the need to re-thread straps, and the car seat is designed to automatically conform to the baby’s body for a perfect fit each time. This car seat eliminates guesswork, and ensures a proper, safe fit each time with heightened technology features.

Final thoughts

What with the alarming statistics that revolve around installing car seats, why not invest in something that takes the guesswork out of the game, and better protects your baby? The car seat by Summer truly seems like the Mercedes of car seats, but you may find other products that are just as good, if not better. And while you are researching your car seat options, why not get inspired and enter a contest to win some big bucks!

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