Mom Time

One of the many blogs I frequent, Go Graham Go,  posted a question to use as a blog topic.  It’s one I look forward to read other posts on, so I figured I’d jump in too.
The question is:
What is it that you do to take time for yourself?
I have to admit this is something that I don’t “feel” like I do very much, until I talk to moms who do it even less.  Some people will think I get me time 5 days a week because they define me time for moms as any time away from their kids.  But for me, me time is less about being away from the kids and more about just being able to have a good time.  As a busy working mom, I have learned to enjoy a late night trip to Walmart as me time but my favorite me time activity is going out for a Mom’s Night Out.  I love a few hours sitting around a table at a restaurant laughing until our cheeks hurt.  That refuels me more than anything.  But that’s just not always possible.  So some times I just have to settle for a nice long shower.  I usually shower at record breaking speeds but once in awhile I simply take a shower so long that I drain the water heater of any water that’s even lukewarm.  I actually shave my legs, condition my hair and then use my trusty Ped Egg etc.
So what do you do….?


  1. Mr. Linky is NOW up! Come back by and add.. I am so sorry!!!

    I know what you mean about the speedy showers!! It is so nice to take a LONG hot bath!!!

  2. I went to Target ALL BY MYSELF on Friday! That was the first time I was without the kids in a really long time. I even tried on clothes.

    Pathetic, huh?
    Since my youngest just started nursery school I’m hoping “me time” is something I can get better at.

  3. I love long showers. That is the only privacy I find. LOl

  4. Isn’t it just SAD that a trip to Target or Walmart qualifies as me time, now? LOL Long showers are good for me, too..only, uh..I take a beverage and a book in there with me. *ahem* And the hot water tank runs out. I don’t really have any friends here, yet, so I haven’t had a MNO in years. Suckfest.

  5. My grocery store has a little child center that you can check your kids into for an hour while you shop. I actually look forward to my weekly trip—the twins love to play there and I get an entire hour to myself.

  6. wow, just out of curiosity, can i ask what grocery store you shop at, kim? i’ve never heard of a grocery store having a little play area for kids, and that is definately the most genious idea someone ever came up with lol!!!

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