Mother’s Day Breakfast

THIS was my breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.  Not exactly a hot meal and fresh squeezed orange juice on tray with flowers, but if you understand it, it couldn’t be more perfect.
You see last year, my boys attempt at breakfast in bed went a little wrong.  Like waking up to a shower of sticky fruit and cereal, wrong.  (Read my pity party of a post about it here.)  So this year after everyone slept in until about 9:30, which is UNHEARD of in our house, Timmy brought me the breakfast pictured above.  And as he delivered it, while still a step or two from my bed, he informed me that he hadn’t opened the yogurt or poured the cereal and he’d used the lid to his bucket of baseball, but HAD washed the lid.  I’m not sure why he didn’t use a regular plate after last years paper plate failure, but what the heck, he had really thought this through.  For the little that was available in our house after I failed to grocery shop on Saturday this was the perfect Weight Watchers friendly breakfast.  And I may have gotten some crumbs in the bed but it was NOTHING compared to last year.  It put a smile on my face and prepared me for our day at Six Flags.  I’m thinking I’ve turned that into an annual tradition now!

How was YOUR Mother’s Day?

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