My Kids Take the Stage

So this spring 2 of my boys (14 & 11) started taking guitar lessons. The had both gotten guitars a couple months prior and really seemed to enjoy playing and had taught themselves a few songs. So when a facebook post popped up about a local teacher offering a free lesson for students to check it out, I contacted him and set up the first lesson. They loved it and learned what seemed like a lot in the first lesson alone. Not long after they started they were invited to come check out the showcase for the other students who’d been learning for a bit longer. They each played 1 song, backed by a full band. I wasn’t sure how long any of the students had been learning or IF my boys would ever really WANT to take the stage like that. But they said they did and when the time came, they both said yes they wanted to. So they each spent a few months perfecting 1 song to perform.

And last Sunday, they did it. They walked up the stairs, took the stage and faced a full house and they both did AWESOME.  I couldn’t be prouder. Not because I think they’ll be famous rock stars anytime soon, or ever, but because they found something they love and they work hard at getting better at it. And they were brave enough to share it with a crowd of people.  They’re definitely a great example of living their best lives and not letting fear stop them!!

Check out their performances…



all photos courtesy of Caplan Studios

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