Not much

Not much going on here this weekend. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday at home. You’d think that would be mean we would have the Christmas tree down but no, its still up. I got a nap yesterday and then ran to the store today. I know, thrilling.

Even more thrilling were the hours of discussion about underwear for a five year old and first grade math. Johnny has been using the potty 100% for three glorious days so he earned himself some lovely Star Wars underwear that he’s been dying for. I am still knocking on wood because despite the fact that he’s already 5, it’s been very easy. He made the choice to do it and has had no issues…so far. He is also hoping to get to go to preschool now. But we have to be able to get our second van running AND they have to have an opening at the school district preschool. But I’d love for him to be able to go since Timmy went for two years and Johnny has yet to go because of this issue.

As for the math, that’s Timmy. He’s been devouring every workbook he can find around here. He never ceases to amaze me. Even when there are questions meant to obviously catch kids, he rarely skips a beat. And his reading (during the day) is becoming much more fluent. At night he still struggles a bit but that’s because he’s easily distracted and just doesn’t stay on the task.

This week should be a fairly busy one but it may be slowed a bit by seriously cold weather. My van, the running one, doesn’t particularly like to stay running when it’s in the single digits. Oh and the window is broken now. I swear I will never laugh at the bank again when I look over and see and someone hanging out of their door. That was me on Friday. Normally I’d have spared myself the embarrassment and gone inside but I had all three kids and was NOT going to take them in by myself.  Hopefully our lovely dealership will give us a rental so they can keep it overnight and actually see the issue when it’s cold.  It’s been doing it for 4 years and they swear nothing’s wrong.  We’ll see…


  1. oH my…the bank hanging out the door thing is hysterical…but i totally hear ya, if I can drive through when i have all the kids…I will do it, even if it means driving a little out of the way. Saves time in the long run. lOL

  2. I had a car that did the same thing, if it rained it would stall. I’d take the car to the dealer (when I knew it would rain) and the car would work PERFECT for them. I’d get it back, and the car would bugger up.

    It was like that for a couple of years.

    Good Luck!

  3. Lisa,

    We will continue to pray for Timmy that he continues to do well, and that this transition will also continue well.

    Oh yeah, and our Ford Expedition has a window that when rolled down will not always go right back up right away. So I feel your pain on that one.


  4. I’ve been there at the bank…right with you! I feel your pain. My car has no heat and hasn’t for 5 years at least either. I love automobiles.

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