November Scentbird #Perfume

Have you checked out Scentbird yet? I’ve experienced some great scents that I never would have tried otherwise. And I’ve gotten a ton of compliments when I wear them. I like it so much I switched my subscription from 1 scent to 3.
If you’ve used Scentbird, I’d love some new suggestions for my queue. I love sweet scents. How about you?





Here’s what I got this month:

Philosophy brings us a delightfully feminine perfume made from fresh bergamot, delicate muguet, and comfy, soothing musk. The modern simplicity and warmth in this perfume is indeed a very graceful way to share your beauty with the world.




Romano Ricci, great-grandson of Nina Ricci, creates a feminine fragrance collection inspired by a modernized version of Shakespeare’s love-struck heroine, Juliette, who has discovered a secret weapon of seduction: perfume. Miss Charming paints a fragrant portrait of warm sun and dry earth, of mason jars filled with fruit preserves, and wild rose petals strewn over an old farmhouse table. Wild berries, Moroccan roses, and bright musks create a fragrant ramble down a country road.


Prada Candy Florale starts out with flirty peonies and a sunlit limoncello sorbet. Slowly the lemon sweetness fades away and a heart filled with rich, dark caramel and honey replaces the citrusy, sugary goodness. A dry down of sheer, bright, musk spotlights the zingy limoncello, and elevates this delicious floral fragrance.

If you’re not familiar with Scentbird here’s how it works:

PICK A SCENT from our extensive assortment of designer perfumes.
JOIN get a monthly supply of the luxury scent of your choice in the sleek Scentbird vial for $14.95 per month.
ENJOY Receive a monthly purse spray with a 30 day supply of the perfume of your choice.

Use my link here to join and we’ll both earn free perfume!




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