Janet Jackson

As girls of the 80s, it was sort of hard NOT to have love Janet Jackson at some point in life. So when it was announced that she would be coming to Chicago during our year long celebration of us all turning 40, I couldn’t resist grabbing tickets.


I will say I wish she’d done more full version of her older stuff because I LOVED her in the 80s and EARLY 90s the most but I was definitely blown away at how she can still move and sing!!


But of course, as always, the best part was the company!!!

Ipsy: April Glam Bag

Woohoo, I got my sneak peak today of my April Ipsy Glam Bag

I’m totally in love with this bag!

Can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies to try…





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Autumn Drive

Fall, or autumn, is my absolute favorite season. So when friends suggested we pack up our families and do this Autumn Drive event, it sounded like a great idea.  The weather ended up being absolutely gorgeous so all the places were PACKED but we managed to check out a few cool antique shops, a lot of craft vendors and enjoy some good food and finished up the afternoon at the pumpkin farm with apple cider donuts and fresh cider.

Pumpkin farm fun with friends…










Yummy chocolates…



Forty is Fabulous

In July I turned 40.  Admittedly, I am not exactly where I would have liked to be in life at 40. But I did my best to celebrate the milestone and all the good I DO have in my life.


Started with my birthday Starbucks and the most amazing donuts in the world (which I’ve only ever found in Kenosha, WI).











Then ended the night with dinner at Tsukasa where the boys enjoyed a Hibachi meal for the first time.

And then took home a little Cheesecake Factory for dessert.








In continued celebration of all of our 40th’s we did our own Pinterest inspired Cake Smash photo shoot…

Freshman Football

They’re record wasn’t great and there were missed games for injuries. But the memories were worth it all…




I took this pic, it’s not a great quality photograph but I couldn’t delete it after he told me that I’d caught him taking a quiet moment to pray before the game.















my two faves










Some awesome pro shots…












A lot of blood, sweat and a couple tears went into EARNING these numbers!

Wilson Phillips w/The Rembrandts

It was truly a year full of concerts so when I had the opportunity to see Wilson Phillips pretty much in my own backyard, I couldn’t pass it up.  And honestly I was blown away by how great of a show the put on. They of course did all their hits but all did a super fun mix of covers etc.  And Carnie Wilson is HYSTERICAL. I totally want to be her BFF!

I, not surprisingly didn’t know much at all from The Rembrandts but the ONE everyone knows…think ‘Friends,’ made it all worth it.

Northwestern Football

I got ‘Large’ tickets for him and a friend (and of course ME) to a Northwestern football game for his (early) birthday present.

Was a gorgeous day. And a great game!

Forty, Friends and Tattoos

To celebrate out 40th birthday’s four friends from high school all got compass tattoos.  All different designs, different sizes and in different locations. But all have our four initials instead of the normal N, S, E, W of a compass.  Mine after shading. Loved it then still totally in love with it. I’ve gotten one more small tattoo since but am ready for another large piece…soon!

March Scentbird: Versace Versense

This month I got my third Scentbird subscription shipment. It was Versace’s Versense. I’m not totally sure on this one. Might give it a couple days and get some other opinions on it.  But I’m loving trying these difference designer fragrances so much I upgraded my subscription to get more scents each month.


Here’s Scentbird’s description:

Versace’s Versense features tart citrus spiked with an earthy fig accord. Green mandarin and bergamot zest sharpen the senses for a floral heart of jasmine and lily, warmed by drily-spiced cardamom and cedar. The dry down adds aromatic olive wood to musk and sandalwood to round out this earthy, spiced floral.

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New Kids On The Block

I know it’s been a while so you may have forgotten but I absolutely LOVE New Kids on the Block and after getting to meet AND HUG Joey McIntyre last year I saw them in concert AGAIN! They might not exactly be kids anymore but man they put on a great show and take me back. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a great group of girls to go with.