Plussize Blogger Update 4

SO I’m technically not part of the challenge anymore. They didn’t include one of my updates so I was booted as not participating. Oh well, such is life.
But I’ve decided to keep posting about it anyway. Not that I have much to write. I’ve still not done anything to truly track any loses. BUT I figure this way I can track my small victories at least.

As this week wraps up, I just have one week left in my commitment to abstain from sweets for Lent. I’m really proud of how I’ve done with that but I’ve still got some serious work to do with the rest of my vices. But I think I’m going to stay commited to no sweets for me. As much as I can over indulge on just about anything I really am finding that it’s nothing compared to the massive amounts of empty calories I can down when it comes to the sweets.

We’ve been eating dinner right after the boys get home from school as we’ve learned they eat really well when we do this. However, for me this means I am truly starving before I go to bed. So I’ve been having something instead of making myself suffer. Some nights I do better than others. One night I had two small bags of chips…but I’ve decided that the small bags are still the better thing for me to have in the house as I feel like I’ve really over done it with 2 bags yet if it were one big bag, I’d easily sit and eat twice as much. Last night I had 2 hot dogs. Ok so some veggies or something would have been better but I had spent over two hours resisting the cake from the best local bakery at a school function so I figured a little protein was really not such a horrible choice!

At least I feel like I’m moving, very slowly, in the right direction.


  1. Surrounded By Boys says

    Hi! I gave up sweets for Lent, too, and it was really hard for a while there. I am looking forward to Easter when I can have a binge and get it out of my system. I did cheat just a bit, though, with sugar sweetened cereal one time.

    Good luck! Just a few days left!

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