Plussizebloggers Update 3

In case you’re really paying attention and notice that this is Update 3 and you don’t recall Update 2, don’t go searching…apparently I missed a week.

So anyway, I have to confess I broke under some serious peer pressure last weekend and ate an amazingly delicious slice of cheesecake. But it was for a good cause, really it was. It was a church fundraiser and my father had made it without any help. I had to see if it was a good as it looked. I mean, really, after this attempt I don’t think he’s ever going to try that again. And who can blame him? I LOVE cheesecake but they are a lot of work!

But aside from that little slip up and an occasional licking of pudding off my fingers when feeding Bryan, I’ve been doing pretty darn good. Can I just tell you how hard it is to help him with a thing of pudding and not sit down and eat an entire four pack myself? Yeah, that’s probably how I got in this predicament in the first place, huh?

SO in addition to staying away from everything in the “sweets” category I’ve also given up soda. Luckily, the physical withdrawal has been minimal so it’s really just been about breaking the habit. At one point this week I went out to lunch and got a ‘meal’ that included a fountain drink. I opted for the ‘lite’ lemonade and when they asked if I wanted to plus size that, scratch that, make that a large for just 20 cents more I had to actually make a conscious choice to say No. In the end, it wouldn’t have mattered, I couldn’t even finish the lemonade as it was…light..BLECH!

I’ve been trying to make better choices in over all eating too…getting grilled chicken instead of burger etc. But I still don’t think any of it’s making a real difference. But I think this weekend I’m going to do measurements and track that way. You know, since I STILL don’t have a scale.


  1. Awesome Lisa! Cheescake is great. It’s eating only one slice that is hard! So good job! Have you tried any calorie counting apps yet? I have tried a few but can’t decide which I like. You will feel GREAT for giving up the soda, I did it 10 or so years ago, and now whenever I drink one I feel SO sluggish for the day.

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