Ready for a Challenge

The challenge is simple. You leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I will then give you a letter from the alphabet in which you are to post ten things you like that start with this letter and why. I have been challenged with the letter M by another great blogger at Fort Thompson.

So here’s my list of 10 favorite things that start with M, in no particular order:
1. Mom
My mom is one of my best friends an one of the strongest people I know!!!!

I will admit it has it’s want to pull your hair out days, like today when I’m running on about 45 minutes sleep, THANK YOU very much Bryan, but over all I love being a mom more than anything else I’ve ever done.

Yes, I know I’m odd. But I swear if I’d only know what kind of jobs were available to a math major…I might have finished my degree by now. Numbers are fun for me!!

4.Mexican food.
It’s hard to believe that I wouldn’t even consider eating Mexican for half of my life because it’s now one of my faves. So I know Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican but I had their new bacon cheddar thing, yum-o!!!

5.mashed potatoes
seriously I LIVED on mashed potatoes when I was pregnant with my oldest son and can still make a meal out of them on occasion.

I LOVE getting mail, as long as it’s not bills, electronically OR the old fashion way!

I’m ridiculously musically challenged but I love listening to music and singing along, especially in the car!!!

I watch a lot of movies, rarely in the theatre and most rated G or PG, but when I get the chance I love to watch “mom movies” too. Like old Tom Cruise, you know, pre wacko Oprah meltdown, movies or corny romantic comedies!

9.Meatball subs
I seriously have one like once a week, and the rest of my family loves them too!

(seriously, random order!!) My marriage is not at all perfect but I am simply thrilled that we have made it this far. It is a true testiment to the power of fiath and prayer. SO even one out worst days, I am truly thankful for it.

Ok so some of these things were hugely superficial but thinking of 10 things that started with M, wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I considered cheating and simply using “my” in front of each thing I love, but that seemed wrong. So you’ll just have to deal with my weird food loves 🙂

Ok, so now it’s your turn. Leave me a comment with your email and I’ll send you a letter and you can post your list on your blog! (If you don’t have a blog you can always leave a list in my comments too.)

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  1. How cool! Whats my letter?!=)

  2. I wanna play! (

  3. Lisa,

    Great Job! Thanks for taking my challenge!

    That 10 was inspirational and funny all at the same time which in my mind makes it GENIOUS!!

    I loves me some number 4 and 5 too and number 10 well…lets just say should be on everyones list.

    Thanks again for playing and giving us the chance to learn more about you, and that new button your hosting under “check out some of the blogs I read” looks fabulous!


  4. That’s a neat idea. Please give me an easy letter. My tiny brain may get overloaded trying to think of that many things that I like that all start with the same letter.

  5. i’ll take a letter too, even tho i dont have a blog…i’ll just post it in a comment lol! and btw, how do u pick the letters?! xoxo Megan

  6. How cool, this looks like fun! My email is thegreer5 at live dot com!

  7. Wow! 4,5,6,7,8,10 I have never had so many likes on a list from any challenge I have read than yours Lisa.

    I mean come on that list is Legendary! Mexican food well lets just say that nothing really need be said about that one. Same it true for potatoes especially mashed. I click on my inbox button like Im OCD. And music and movies are some of the best forms of entertainment that exist. And none of us could be more greatlful to experience the union of God that is marriage.

    Now YOU knocked it out of the park!

    Great Job! I loved it!

    Oh and by the way, I thought I had left a comment before, but I guess I didnt so my apologies.


  8. OH Megan….

    Thanks, for joining in the fun.

    The letter’s are just randomly picked. And for you I picked letter S.

    Have fun, can’t wait to read your list.

  9. I am in the process of doing this- can’t get past C#6! this is hard!hahaha I will let youknow when I have it posted!

  10. whew! It is not complete. thank you for letting me play=))

  11. Hey – I wanna try!
    PS – I am an official “stalker” now! Your blog is adorable! (especially the boys :0))

  12. Hi there! I swear I have seen the name of your blog in SO many places that I go in this not-so-little bloggy world. I finally had to pop over and “check you out.” And I’m so glad I did! I have yet to ask Tim for a letter to do this little meme…I’m nervous I won’t find enough things!!! But I do enjoy reading other people’s…and just like Tim, you and I have so many of your favorites in common! I am such a geek for math. Always have been and always will be. Actually, as I review it, I love everything on your list, too. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer 3 1/2 years ago, but she was my best friend. Anyway, I’m rambling now and just wanted to say your boys are adorable…great blog design, too! Think I’ll stick around if that’s okay!

    Courtney and the Boys

  13. Alright, here’s my list for the letter S:

    1) Skyler
    She’s my 6 year old niece but she’s practically like my daughter. i love her more than life!

    2) Sarina
    She’s my 4 year old niece, again practically like my daughter, and i love her to pieces!!!

    She’s my mom…enough said 🙂

    I LOVE summer! There’s so much to do in summer and i looove the warmth!

    LOL this is an obvious one that i hopefully dont have to explain why i like it LOL LOL LOL

    i love any kind of shopping, even tho i dont buy very much. i just love to browse.

    looooooove swimming and taking my nieces swimming..its good exercise AND its so refreshing on a hot summer day

    my nieces HATE going to bed, but i LOVE it lol..i cant wait to crawl into my comfy and warm bed with my doggie when the day is done 🙂

    out of all fast food, my favorite are any kind of sub!

    lol i couldnt think of a last one so i put ‘sitting with an apostrophe before it to stand for BABYSITTING lol (im gettin clever here!) i love love love kids and cant wait to have my in the meantime i enjoy babysitting all the kids that i do 🙂

    whew made it thru lol it was a little tricky tho! Thanks for letting me play along even tho I dont have a real blog lol! hope u enjoyed it!

    xoxo Megan

  14. Well I gave you a really good one for names without even thinking about it!!
    I love sleep and shopping too. I seriously can shop anywhere these days. There were days when I’d have never gone in a thrift store or dollar store but now I love it. If we’re broke I have my “retail therapy” at one of those places and then don’t need real therapy to get over my guilt for overspending.

  15. It was so fun! Mine will be posted on Saturday!

  16. I’ll play! Your list was so much fun to read!!

  17. Ready willing and waiting… throw a letter my way and I will do my best to have some fun with it!Wondering what I have gotten myself into…

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