Sponsored Video: Patch Dadams

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When you’re kids are sick you’ll do just about anything to make them feel better. Check out this video to see how “Patch Dadams” tries to get a smile out of his son who’s not feeling to well.

You know this feeling, right? You just want to see your kiddo smile. When my kids are feeling yucky they get spoiled, their favorite movies, snuggly blanket and just about anything they ask for because I just hate to see them miserable. Sometimes I’m on my game and have the perfect remedy to actually treat their symptoms. But sometimes I’m like the dad in this video and I simply forget what works to actually fix the problem. Thankfully my kids are getting old enough that they often remember things that have previously worked for them. Or one of the other boys will remember what worked for them.
And when I’m really lost sometimes a friend can suggest something. These are the times I’m especially thankful for social media, when I simply mention that one of the boys is suffering and a friend can recommend a way to help! I mean, I can’t even count how many remedies I’ve learned in the few years on social media. But Chloraseptic, that one no one had to teach me. It was a staple in our medicine cabinet growing up. It was my mom’s instant answer if you were getting a sore throat. I’m pretty sure SHE would have known what the little finger wiggle the boy in this video does meant.
There seem to always be new things in the cold aisle when I hit the pharmacy but sometimes you don’t need to stray from what you’ve always used, especially when you know it works. Be sure to click on the link to get your $1 off coupon for Chloraseptic today.

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