Steps to Winterize the Garage Door

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Many people prepare certain parts of their home for the winter, but they usually forget to winterize their garage. However, winterizing the garage is an important process for preparing the home for the winter. By winterizing the garage, a person can protect any equipment inside the garage, and it can also keep the person’s home warmer during those cold months. There are several ways that people can winterize their garage.
A rubber bottom
Most garages have rubber bottoms on them. However, over time, these rubber bottoms begin to get worn. The rubber bottoms are important to keep cool air out of the garage. If the garage does not have a rubber bottom or if the rubber bottom is worn, a person should purchase another one.
During the winter, extra precipitation accumulates on the ground. In order to keep snow and rain off from the garage floor, a person should invest in mats. These mats can protect the garage’s floor and the person’s home from having snow, rain, and mud brought into it.
Weather stripping kit
If a person wants cold air to stay out of the house, then he or she should invest in a weather stripping kit. The weather stripping kit will keep wind and drafts out of the home.
The garage usually has many pipes within it. A person should be sure to insulate these pipes. Insulating the pipes can keep them from bursting during the harsh winter.
Garden tools
During the winter months, most lawn and garden equipment will not be used. Non-use can cause this equipment to rust. In order to keep the tools from getting rusty, a person should oil them before the winter sets in.
The good thing about winterizing a house is that it does not take a lot of money to do it. Any homeowner can winterize his or her home without hiring an expensive professional.
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