Taking Ya Back Old School with New Kids On The Block

If you are anywhere close to the same age as I am, you MUST have been a fan of New Kids on the Block.  If you were like me, you had a collection of NKOTB merchandise and longed for nothing more than to be one of the thousands of screaming fans at their concerts.  I, however, never got to go to a concert.  (I DID get to see Vanilla Ice back in the day, you know you’re jealous.)
I’ve had friends who have seen KNOTB in recent years and when they announced tickets going on sale last year for the show, I counted my pennies and rallied a friend to actually stalk ticketmaster online for tickets for me.  I was scheduled to be at a breakfast with Santa with the boys and I have to admit, a twinge can over me to just skip it.  But thankfully I have AWESOME friends.  So I was able to go to breakfast, where I got horrible reception so my faithful friend sat panicking unable to reach me to confirm what I was willing to spend.  In the end, we have first row in the third balcony of the very large United Center (home of the Chicago Bulls), but I don’t care where I sit, I will be in the same building at New Kids On The Block.  It’s like righting all the injustice of my preteen, acne ridden, brace wearing years in one glorious evening!
Stay The SameIf you are slightly younger girl, you might be a little more excited about Back Street Boys, who will be sharing the stage that evening. I will admit that I was older when they were the “It” thing but I did still like their music. I just didn’t lust for them as much as I did Joey McIntyre.
And then, I’m honestly not even sure when they added this but according to Ticketmaster, as of today, there will be a special appearance by Jordan Sparks who I also love!!

So Saturday evening me and my best bud will be starting the evening off with a delicious meal somewhere worthy of sharing the night with NKOTB and then heading to the concert.

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