Update on Timmy

Forgot to update last week, but I ended up back at the Dr with Timmy on Friday. Thursday night we noticed his throat was ridiculously swollen and I saw a couple white patches. I called and they said to bring him in since, he’d had the negative Strep test it may be mono. Oh joy! After looking at him Dr didn’t think it was mono because he didn’t have swollen glads anywhere but his neck. But he DID have an ear infection and some for of tonsillitis. But there was no point in retesting since he’d be getting a Rx anyway. But said if it was strep it’d clear up quickly, if it was viral it would probably still be a week before we saw improvement in the throat. After just one dose he seemed to improve quite a bit. And that was Friday and today, while he’s still probably not 100% he is doing much much better.

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