Why I Blog

Trisha, from MomDot is hosting another carnival on her blog this week.  She’s asking bloggers to share why they blog.  

So here’s why I blog….

I blog to make the life of my family better.

Yup, vague, right?  Because I honestly have a lot of very different motivations for blogging but they really all can be summed up in that statement.  I started blogging to share my kids with family who didn’t live in our area.  That made our family better.  But then I learned of the fabulous community of bloggers and grew amazing friendships, learned and experienced personal growth as a result of blogging. THAT totally made my family better.

These days I blog for many reasons. If you look closely at each individual post here on my blog, you can probably see the motivation in each of them.  But I still blog for community. I read the blogs of many people I love. Its really no different than keeping up on Facebook, its just another platform.  I love watching families change and grow. I love witnessing the high points and being able to offer a shoulder (even if it is a virtual one) in the low points.  And getting to actually see my online friends in person…that is always a blast.  Keeping these healthy adult friendships makes me a better person and it also makes me a better mama!

But I also blog for the experiences. I am NOT a home body. I love to be out and about. But for the most part my budget isn’t as travel ready as I am, so blogging has afforded myself and my family some amazing opportunities to create memories we NEVER would have had otherwise.  Hello….meeting Oprah(link to photographic proof)!! I didn’t get paid a cent to work on that campaign (actually spent some money on the travel downtown) but so totally worth the time!  And there are so so many more experiences like that. I don’t plan to give up on blogging for memories anytime soon!!

And, finally, yes, I have gotten to the point where I blog for financial gain. I promise I will never blog about something I don’t honestly support.  But brands are seeing some value in my time, talent and influence and I am not in the position to be above making money while doing something I love.  I would love to someday be able to blogging and social media related pursuits as my only gig. But for now, I’m enjoying the extra help I’m getting supporting my family from some paid campaigns.  It will help my family continue to be able to afford the sports and other things we might otherwise be looking at giving up. 

I fully believe I’m making my family better by blogging.
How about you??

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